We started Stegesaurus Farm (Steg Farm for short...) in early 2013 with a 5-acre plot of land in Hockley and a dream of raising the highest quality beef and eggs to meet the demands of the discriminating Houston consumer. In 2015, we moved to a 35 acre farm in Cat Spring, about 30 miles west of Katy, and are working hard to get established to serve our new community with regular beef and egg availability. Our sustainably-raised animals are pastured and fed in a way that optimizes their natural diets - no antibiotics, hormones (other than the ones they naturally produce on their own), steroids, etc. We eat only the best and want to share that food with our community!


Our farm offers three products - eggs, retail beef cuts and prepared food made in our commercial kitchen


We sell our eggs by the dozen.
Our hens are supplemented with Coyote Creek organic, soy-free feed, over and beyond their appetite for grass and insects. Their portable coop stays with them and provides weather protection, comfortable nesting boxes for them to lay their eggs, and roosting bars they flock to every night to sleep.
We believe our farming program optimizes the happiness of the flock as well as the sustainability and nutrition of our product.


We sell beef by the quarter, half or whole, by cut and via our prepared meals.
Our beef is grass fed and finished - although we do reserve the right to feed them what's called a cattle cube - which is a block of grain compressed as a pellet the size of a human thumb - to get them to come to us so we can inspect them up close from time to time.
Otherwise, we supplement them with minerals and salt, chemical-free hay and organic alfalfa pellets from Coyote Creek feed mill.


Information coming soon!

What's going on around the farm

No eggs this winter

All, It became time for our hens to be retired and new ladies to come in to restart egg production. For those that aren’t aware, hens lay fewer and fewer eggs as they age and also, their production lessens when the days are shorter. We do not supplement light to our flock in order to […]

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Welcome to our new website

Hello all! Welcome to our new website page. We transitioned behind the scenes from our previous web service provider and are building back our content slowly but surely. We do keep up fairly regularly with farm happenings on Facebook, so we would encourage you to check us out there for more frequent updates and of […]

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Meet Your Farmers

While the animals run the farm, we do our part too.

Farmer Ross

Farmer Ross

Chief of Beef

Ross is the ever supportive behind-the-scenes partner with dreams of taking over one day. He does the heavy lifting around here and designs and executes operations equipment from scratch - homemade shelters, feeders, etc.. By day he travels into Houston and trades commodities. He is passionate about compost tea and cattle and leaves the chicken whispering to me (Farmer Val). He is also the dreamer and will be happy to tell you all the big plans he has for our little plot of pasture.

    Farmer Val

    Farmer Val

    Chief Egg Operator

    Valerie is the research and social coordinator on the farm. She does the intelligence gathering and presents a plan for her co-owner hubby to engineer and execute. She also spends a lot of time communing with other farmers, consumers, and the animals, of course. Outside the farm, she runs a sustainability solutions company where organizations worldwide can support the fight against climate change and where local Houston events can become more eco-friendly.

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